It’s a retro! Giving IT Day 2019

Giving IT Day is now over for 2019 and it's time to do a retro! Let's do it the agile way? What went well? Non-for-profits had a huge respond to our help offer. We just need to send an e-mail for 300 and we got more than 800 requests for new computers. Communication was fun! … Continue reading It’s a retro! Giving IT Day 2019

Almost there!

Giving IT Day is in less then 72 hours, and we are all set to go. What have we done so far? We received more than 800 request for computersWe have 10 volunteers that have applied to help during Giving IT Day. 10 kind people that will give their time to help others.We have 15 … Continue reading Almost there!

More than 500 requests in less than 24h

On 15.11.2019, we announced Giving IT Day to 300 non-for-profits who had already mentioned that were needing computers. In less than 24h, we have receive more than 500 request for more then 80 non-for-profits. Requests that go from, "need a computer to perform daily activities", from "need computers to deliver training to our community". We … Continue reading More than 500 requests in less than 24h