What is Giving iTday?

Giving iTDay is a Donate IT initiative to gather as much hardware (labtops, desktops, tablets, printers, etc) possible to deliver to the non-profits that needed them most.

When is Giving iTDay?

Next Dec 2020, along with Giving Tuesday from all around the globe

Where is Giving ITDay?

Lisbon. We will be gather at “The Wave Factory”.

How can participate?

You can be a Donater ( donate hardware) ; a Giver ( distribute hardware) or a Receiver ( receive hardware). Know more about it at :

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  • It’s a retro! Giving IT Day 2019

    9 de Dezembro de 2019 by

    Giving IT Day is now over for 2019 and it’s time to do a retro! Let’s do it the agile way? What went well? Non-for-profits had a huge respond to our help offer. We just need to send an e-mail for 300 and we got more than 800 requests for new computers. Communication was fun!… Ler mais

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