It’s a retro! Giving IT Day 2019

Giving IT Day is now over for 2019 and it’s time to do a retro!

Let’s do it the agile way?

What went well?

Non-for-profits had a huge respond to our help offer. We just need to send an e-mail for 300 and we got more than 800 requests for new computers.

Communication was fun! Our volunteers from Marketing & Communication come up with ideas that made communication fun. The logo was amazing, right?

Non-for-profits that receive our help, were so happy! We know that offering IT is not as “sexy” as offering other goods, but the truth is that a new computer can make a huge impact.

The host! The Wave factory was awesome! Thanks again for welcoming us.

Volunteers were amazing! They had done a great job at 03.12! Thanks!!!!

What went not so well?

Donations… we have so few! We only got 15 computers to donate. We have raised around 2500 euros, only 3% of the 65 000 that we need to fulfil 20% of the requests ( our goal)

Corporate Donators. We got a lot of interest, but few that really went from words to action.

We got some broken computers, that we are now trying to fix. Unfortunately, we don’t have volunteers and funds to repair them. If not possible to repair them, we need to donate them to Entrajuda. Why is this wrong? Because, we have spent time and money on 03.12 to collect them.

PPL choice for fund raising was a wrong choice. As we haven’t reach the goal, we lost all the money that we raised ( we are now trying to recover it). Crowd funding model is not suitable for this purpose.

This is was a very demanding sprint. We were invited by Giving Tuesday to the movement kick off on October, and since then we started running. Less then two months to prepare an event like this??? Are we nuts? Yes, we are, but let us take more time next year.

Actions for improvement

Make it viral! Give feedback to Giving Tuesday PT to improve “viral effect”.

Go to media. We had the opportunity to be part of TV programmes, but we tried information instead. We have failed. But we think we have a nice story to tell, just need to be heard.

Change the fund raising plataform to a more suitbale one.

Start now to contact corporate donators to be part of giving it day 2020.

Some moments to share

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